What Destinations Are On Your Bucket List?

Do you ever feel like there isn’t enough time to visit every destination you want to see?  For those of us with limited vacation time, it can be so hard to choose! If you’re planning your next trip and need some inspiration, here are 5 destinations that are currently at the top of our bucket … Read more

Our Favorite Books for Winter Reading

As the countdown to Christmas continues, many people may find themselves stuck in a car or a plane for a few hours. Whether you’re visiting family and friends or beelining it to a warm destination, entertainment to pass the time before you arrive at your destination is a must! If you’re looking to enjoy some reading over the holidays, here … Read more

6 Reasons Not to Go to Southeast Asia

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Deciding what to book ahead vs. planning as you go

Our goal here at Dose of Discovery is to inspire you to get out and explore – and with the wide variety of destinations available, there are no shortage of decisions to make when planning a trip. One of the most frequent questions we hear is whether it’s better to book in advance or plan … Read more